Love Rain Now

The gentle rain by Silvia de Luque

Please see gentle rain in areas globally in need of precipitation.

Peace & Peanut Butter!


Thank You


I just wanted to say “Thank you” to all my new friends and followers here at WordPress. I really appreciate your “Likes,” and would love to hear your comments. Again you have my gratitude for your support.

Peace & Peanut Butter!


Day The Music Died

We Miss you Michael!

I used to have a very strange eerie astral connection with MJ. I would dream things with him that would happen years later in his life. I saw him at the grocery store late one night in Sherman Oaks. I attended a Micheal jackson concert as a date of one of his back up singers. The connection was broken. I recall the day he died, I was working in Brentwood Ca. we could see the helicopters over the hospital. All the cars in Los Angeles were playing his music.

I think Micheal was very special. Much love.

On a personal note, my uncle died today.

We will miss you too Uncle Jerry.