Rudolph, Gay or Straight?

I don’t really care but what a beautiful man. I hadn’t really thought about it before I ran across this picture. I have seen The Sheik on TCM, or in film school, I don’t recall.

So I googled it,and like anything you want to know, there is an article. Here is an excerpt from the article. I enjoyed it and it is well written. The full article is linked below.

By all accounts Valentino was straight.  He had his childhood girlfriends, a troubled romance with a chorus girl in Paris during his teenage years, and apparently did not slow down once he arrived in New York.  True he wasn’t a woman hungry Sheik as he portrayed on the screen, but by most accounts he loved women.  Mae Murray recalled he had aspirations on her, though she was seeing someone at the time.  He got into major trouble pining over the married Blanca de Saulles (eventually driving him from New York).”

He really had that certain something, sexy and charismatic.

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