Ode to The Thin Man

Every year after Christmas TCM airs “The Thin Man” series. I look forward every year before New Years, without fail they air. This year I recorded them on the DVR a mistake, that is cheating. LOL

No actor, (with the exception of Carey Grant, Clark Gable) had the swag and panache of William Powell.  Powell and the spunky, stylish and beautiful Myrna Loy created comedy screen magic. Most film buffs or classic film lovers are familiar with this series. They really make me happy. I have seen them so many times that it affords me the luxury of looking at the details; the Set Design, Wardrobe, Props and so on. I mean for my Fashionista friends out there in blogland, her clothes! Being the hedonist that I am, I love the guiltless drinking and smoking,

Oh and we all love Asta!

He even has his own Fan site.


As I was researching pictures for this post I see Johnny Depp popping up. I am wondering why? Well apparently he plans on reprising the character of Nick Charles. If any modern day actor could pull it off, he might can. He does wear the mustache well! However? This is sacred ground they are treading on. LOL



7 thoughts on “Ode to The Thin Man

  1. A synchronicity…as I am making this post, the tv is on Encore, I look up an some obscure Johnny Depp movie is on. “Arizona Dream,” I have never seen nor heard of this film. It does star Faye Dunaway and Lili Taylor as well as Jerry Lewis and Depp.

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