Bluebutterfliesandme Blog Picks

There are so many blogs I enjoy. As you may know I ran out of picture storage on bluebutterfliesandme

so I will use this one to honor some of the blogs I read and talk about. This rather new visitor to my blog wrote eloquently of his imaginings of his readers, he inspired me to write this blog picks post. So he is first.


A super hip, educated and traveled New Yorker, (although he may be from elsewhere) he paints vivid images with his telling of his observations, memories and imaginings.

The Playground, a life reconstructed

Cara B writes about her life as a young woman in Manhattan and shares of her friend Katy who passed a couple years ago. Cara is also a great writer, she should be published. Every post is gripping. It is the darker side of Sex and the City. I hope you don’t mind that description Cara? Read it.

theadventuresoftransman, Just another middle aged guy raising a family…except I gave birth to mine

Transman is a great writer and usually makes me laugh. He is totally original and genuine. Funny! Read it.

Thoughts from a Cafe

TD is an artist, and writes and shares from the heart. He was my blog crush but he keeps talking about this Julie. lol

He taught me that you can have music on your blog.


odie a hairless cat and odie mama have an amazing eye for photographic layouts, they make some spectacular choices. odie mama challenged her readers to tell a story about one of her posted images, so sprang our collaborative writing project here.

and my Writing In Progress blog research and story background, history and inspiration

Moving on………..

Andrea in Wonderland

“I know who I WAS when I got up this morning, but I think I must have been changed several times since then”

She’s crazy in a good way. A couple of my favorite post she tells about her obsession with the French. I really liked Andrea when the first post she had the guts to call Game of Thrones, Game of Yawns, that’s right she was brave.

That is just a hand full there are SO MANY so don’t think I didn’t pick you… there is Kira, Lily,Renard, Karen, Fae…… on and on.





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4 thoughts on “Bluebutterfliesandme Blog Picks

    • excellent recommendations blue! we are thrilled to be on your (greatest) hit(s) list. i finally bribed odie to add his addition to our story . I used some tuna flavored snacks. of course he oblidged, but his typos get pretty serious towards the end. youll be ok because you are brave fearless and creative.
      also. i thought id run out of ljbrary spacs but was reading the info backwards. i mean odie was reading it backwards… i had 97% free, not 3. hoping the same thing happened to you so you don’t have to pay for an upgrade.

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