Into The Cornfield

If your younger, you may not be familiar with this episode from 1953 of the Twilight Zone, It’s a Good Life.  Lately it has come to my mind a lot thinking how little Anthony could sure wish some Bad Men into the cornfield.


Six-year-old Anthony Fremont looks like any other little boy, but looks can be deceiving: he is a monster, a mutant with godlike mental powers. Early on, he isolated the small town of Peaksville, Ohio. In fact, the handful of inhabitants do not even know if he destroyed the rest of the world or if he whisked them away to some uncharted territory. Anthony has also eliminated electricity, automobiles, and television signals. He controls the weather and what supplies can be found in the grocery store. Anthony creates and destroys as he pleases (such as when he made & killed a “three-headed gopher”), and controls when and what the residents can watch on the TV.

The adults, including his own parents, tiptoe nervously around him, constantly telling him how everything he does is “good”, since displeasing him can get them wished away into a mystical “cornfield”, from which there is no return. At one point, a dog is heard barking angrily. Anthony thinks the dog is “bad” and “doesn’t like [him] at all”, and wishes it into the cornfield. His father and mother are horrified, but they dare not show it.

Finally, at Dan Hollis’ birthday party, Dan gets two presents from his wife: a brandy and a Perry Como record. As he is eager to listen to the record, he is reminded by everyone that Anthony doesn’t like singing. Getting slightly drunk from the brandy and complaining about not listening to Perry Como and no one singing “Happy Birthday” to him, Dan cannot take the strain anymore and confronts Anthony, calling him a monster and a murderer. While Anthony’s anger grows, Dan yells for someone to kill Anthony from behind, and end his reign of terror. Aunt Amy (who isn’t able to sing anymore because of Anthony) tentatively reaches for a poker, but no one has the courage to act. Anthony cries out to Dan, “You’re a bad man! You’re a very bad man! And you keep thinking bad thoughts about me!” and points at him. Dan is killed, shown indirectly by his shadow, transformed into a jack-in-the-box with his human head, causing his wife (now widow) to break down. The adults are horrified at what Anthony had done to Dan and beg him to wish it to the cornfield, which he does.



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America’s New Sweetheart

Martin Schoeller for TIME

Fabulous photography by Martin Schoeller for Time

I just fell in love with Gabby Douglas. A radiate smile, a good attitude and awesome athletic skills. I am very happy she won the Gold. The little Russian gymnast, Victoria Komova cried because she lost the gold, I bet that Gabby would have been so happy if she won a silver. Look at the shot above, that is gold. Congratulations Gabby!