Rowling & Gilbert

Amazing website TED. Here are two talks from TED, by two amazing, inspiring female authors, and favorites of mine. JK Rowling and Elizabeth Gilbert.

JK Rowling at Harvard Commencement.

Elizabeth Gilbert, author Eat Pray Love.


Sunshine Day

Isn’t this just the Grooviest?   What is Groovy you ask?

Well Jimmy Hendrix of course, a big dooby, and, flower power.

Here is a blast from the past. If you are not a Baby Boomer, you will think I am old. You would be correct. lol


Oh yeah….lemons, images of lemons, health benefits of lemons. Just a funny for Google searches.





Dalai Lama Congratulates Obama



His Holiness the Dalai Lama today congratulated President Barack Obama on his re-election to the presidency of the United States.

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In his congratulatory letter, His Holiness the Dalai Lama wrote: “Please accept my congratulations on your re-election to the presidency of the United States.

“When you were elected in 2008, you inspired the world with a call to take responsibility for the problems we face as global citizens. Since then, you have made earnest efforts to live up to that great hope and trust placed in you by the American public. I believe you have been re-elected now in recognition of that effort.

“When you first took office, I remember writing to you that the world places great hope in the democratic vision and leadership of the United States and that I hoped you would be able to shape a more peaceful world, bearing in mind the poverty, injustice and deprivation suffered by billions of people. The need to address these issues remains pressing today.

“As you know, it is over a year since I handed over all my political authority to the elected Tibetan leadership, but as just one among the six million Tibetans I want to thank you for your steady encouragement of our efforts to find a peaceful resolution to the problems in Tibet. I am very appreciative of your support for our Middle Way Approach, which I continue to believe is the best way for us to ensure a solution that is beneficial for both Tibetans and Chinese. Given the recently deteriorating situation in Tibet, of which the tragic series of self-immolations is a stark symptom, I hope your Administration will be able to take further steps to encourage a mutually acceptable solution.

“I am presently on a visit to Japan, and am pleased to send my prayers and good wishes for every success in your second term.”