MJ & Me


Okay so I am going to share a little secret…. I always had a deep psychic connection with Micheal Jackson in the height oh his fame in the 80’s until he died. Believe it, don’t believe it. I used to dream major things  and events, with him that he would do years later. I was always just one degree of separation away from him physically. I went out with one of his key back up singers, this guy was scheduled to go on his last tour.  I was no super fan or anything, we are the same age, so I grew up with him more or less. Anyway it was always just a thing and once I met him face to mask, at a Ralph’s grocery store late one night in Sherman Oaks, Ca., it diminished.

Today I am getting messages from him through friends, one friend today mentioned “Man In The Mirror” and just now another friend told me of a profound dream she had last night about MJ, Paris and myself. So i give you MJ. I had a few tears watching this.

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