Fish Out Of Water

lil d


This is my super, amazing Beta, Lil D. He is no typical fish and I have owned many betas. He always wants to see you and comes up to the glass when you are near. One day I was taking a midday nap and I dreamt of Lil D and something to do with the water, as I was in the bowl too, when I awoke, not recalling the dream, I went into the kitchen, which is west facing. I saw Lil D was in the sun and I checked his water temp and it was warm, so I moved him. Living in Phoenix the afternoon sun is hot this time of year. Lil D had communicated to me in the dream, crazy huh?

Well Tuesday is change Lil D’s water day. I pour him into the net and then put him in his holding bowl until his water has been  de-chlorinated. So yesterday my worst fear happened and Lil D missed the net and was in the sink, I panicked but before I could do anything he jumped back into the net. Swear to Buddha, true story.

Xanadu Chalk Art Project


This is my blog for my planned 2014 Earth Day Event~ Please check it out.

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