The Realm


Artist Gilbert Williams knows well this realm and paints it in detail. I am certain that many of us have identified and found ourselves crossing parallel dimensions into this realm. I have been thinking about his work for days now since I began the Invisible Counselors technique in my prior post. The space which began as a conference table morphed into a Grecco Roman palatial atrium, and then from a rectangular shape to round. I was thinking I have to go find artists Gilbert Williams works that most closely depicts this place. Most of his scenes are evening but my visions have been in daylight. I think it is just lovely that so many of us are bringing this realm closer to our own.

I was inspired to share this after reading a post by my good Word Press friend at her blog, Symbolreader, in her post, Crumbling Ruins and Underwater Palaces.

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My Invisible Council

mastersThis picture is a bit corny but you get the idea.


I have Two Archangels on my council, on my right Archangel Michael and on my left Archangel Gabriel.


The next two council members are living role models to me. Deepak sits on the right next to AAM and Oprah on the left next to AAG.

Deepak & Oprah

The next pair are artist, Leonardo da Vinci on the right and Pablo Picasso on the left.



The next pair is Nicola Tesla on the right and Socrates on the left.

Nicola Tesla


Then the last pair. Gautama Buddha, and Krishna

gautama buddha


And at the end of the table The Christed Jeshuah of Nazareth

Jesus of Nazareth

At this mornings gathering, they ask me to add Einstein and someone else…I will have to check back in and ask.

It is feeling more fluid now. I have done the technique of Napoleon Hill’s about 5 times, and this morning when I was more awake it was better, the members were interacting. Krishna seem to be discussing electricity with Tesla. Oprah being the only female and well being Oprah is a bit giddy. Deepak doesn’t seem to affected. Pablo a little pouty. Leonardo also loves talking to Tesla who sits to his right. The room is like a Greek or Roman patio with columns very lovely, with array of lovely fruits, dates, figs, pomegranates, and cheeses. I remember who else they requested, and its an odd one, as he is a Word Press Blogger, Johnny, from Feed the Piglet. I think they want him to bring food, and they liked his quirky style. This is where it takes on a life of its on, I mean I like Johnny but they picked him. They want your bread buddy, what can I say?

So they will sit Albert between Deepak, and Leonardo. Johnny will sit between Oprah, and Pablo, when he is not catering. lol

Einstein Pic


Here is the Napoleon Hill Technique.

Have Fun! Namaste~




Hexagram #30 (Also my day of birth)

This hexagram is a sign of good things.  The path is clear and success is yours.  A sense of inner radiance is the source of this good news. From a  bright inner nature stem wondrous outer circumstances in your life. The brightness lights up the night sky like a sacred flame. Stay aware of your purpose. You will make great strides toward your goals. Take new actions. Health and prosperity are indicated here.

Your I Ching Reading

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I am so very blessed. I have great family & friends. Much gratitude to all teachers, masters & divine beings that have supported, aided and guided me. Huge thanks to The Hay House World Summit, for gifting us with the collective wisdom and knowledge of all the great speakers.