Shift Happens

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Never feel discouraged that the Paradigm Shift is not occurring. All you must do is turn your head around and you will begin to see that the Great Awakening is happening. Humanity is gaining awareness of the shadows around them and starting to stir from their slumber. For humans to step into their full power and out of dormancy it is important to realize the darkness in which light can expand. Humanity is beginning to realize what does not honor light and what does not honor life. Even those in the deepest hibernation have a sense that something in the world isn’t quite right, even if they can’t put their finger on it yet. Humanity is realizing that the political power structure, the financial system, wars, their food sources and their way of living is not right. It does not serve the Earth Mother and it does not serve you. Do not be discouraged by all the darkness you see in your world, rather be excited knowing that this is an opportunity for empowerment and to expand light even further into the shade. The darkness is the aroma of coffee luring you from your beds of ignorance into full awareness if viewed correctly.The second Great Shift will occur when you realize that all your feelings of being overwhelmed and hopelessness against the structures that are oppressive are nothing but a house of cards preparing to fall down when the winds of change come blowing through. Never underestimate the power illusion can hold over you. There will come a time when you realize that the self-appointed tyrants are nothing more than a man behind a curtain posing as the Great and Powerful Oz and that you’ve had the power with you throughout your whole journey. It may feel like a confrontation of David versus Goliath at first, but remember how that powerful legend ends. If you feel powerless and like you are an ant, remember what a swarm of ants can do.

It is imperative to understand that the old power structures cannot crumble with force. You cannot use the old energy to transmute the old energy. Rather, you must use the energy of love and awareness to dismantle these structures. A wayshower stands in the light and truth and others begin to raise their consciousness through the law of resonance. Through working towards solutions instead of dwelling on the problems will you reach the next stage of collective evolution. But for this to occur you must maintain a peripheral view of the issues of darkness that arise around you. Know that there is nothing in the universe that cannot be overcome through the power of love and the power of cooperation. Where there is a will there is a way. It’s time to arise from your comatose states and begin healing your world through unconditional love and a fearless vision of a better tomorrow. The caterpillar is seemingly destructive to his environment – eating everything in sight. It is not until he spins a chrysalis around himself of darkness and goes inward that he then has the opportunity to transform. It is not until he has realized his own oppressive walls that he has a chance to burst them through metamorphosis to arise to a newer height and a new state of being. Know that the darkness in your world is the greatest catalyst for growth. Breaking through your cocoon may seem overwhelming and tiresome, but it is necessary to never give up on what you believe in your heart if you desire any true change.”

– Noctua

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Mr. Hier Ophont



Can I just say…Hoover Dam, that is one stern looking dude. But its the picture I chose to go with the article from Lotus Tarot newsletter.


The Hierophant

Have you ever struggled to conform to what others expect of you?

Perhaps you’ve struggled to meet your parent’s expectations for you, educationally or career-wise, because you simply wanted to do something else? Perhaps your spouse or lover likes you to behave in a certain way and you don’t like it?

The issues about what is right and wrong for you personally are of greater importance when The Hierophant appears in your reading.

For example, you may feel that fidelity and the tradition of marriage is important to you, and your lover is prepared to live together but not as man and wife, and this troubles you.

Perhaps there are many feelings, views, opinions and principles that you are having trouble expressing and living by, and suppressing them is causing internal conflict.

The Hierophant often represents a teacher or wise counsel – someone you may choose to turn to for help and guidance.

If you are struggling to be true to yourself, it can be very therapeutic to seek the comfort and understanding of someone who you feel able to express your REAL thoughts and feelings to.

Sometimes, we can feel trapped by someone or a situation, but in reality we have created the situation ourselves by denying what we really want or who we really are.

They say it can be difficult to see the reality of your own situation from within it, so when this kindly and spiritually comforting card appears in your reading, it could be suggesting you seek out the help and guidance of someone you trust to give you an alternative perspective.

It could also be highlighting the importance of being true to yourself and not simply conforming to what others expect of you.

We don’t always have the answers and we don’t always know what’s best for us … in such circumstances, when The Hierophant appears in your readings, consider seeking advice, guidance or counseling to help you find those answers.


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Wheel Of Fortune




What Goes Up Must Come Down – The Wheel Of Fortune

Hi Sindy. What goes up must come down – we all know and understand this, yet when we are down, feeling low or unhappy, it can be so hard to believe life will ever get better!

Sometimes we experience good luck and good fortune unexpectedly, and when we do, oh how joyful and exciting it is! Getting a phone call out of the blue from the person you’ve fancied for ages asking you out on a date, winning some money, getting an unexpected promotion and pay rise at work, friends and family throwing you a surprise party – all these experiences or surprises make us feel on top of the world.

Conversely, when you hear through a friend that your lover is seeing someone else, your bank surprisingly turns down your request for a loan, your boss unexpectedly announces you’re going to be laid off or you lose a loved one – these experiences and shocks can leave us emotionally devastated, feeling as though the world is somehow against us.

The Wheel of Fortune represents such unexpected turns of fate and fortune. Sometimes the wheel will turn in your favor and bring unexpected good luck and fortune, sometimes it will turn against you and you will experience bad luck and misfortune. However, the wheel suggests that these turns of fortune are beyond your control, they are part of the eternal movement and cycle of life.

When the Wheel of Fortune appears in your readings you can expect an unexpected change in your fortune … so if you have been experiencing a run of bad luck or misfortune and the Wheel of Fortune lays in your near future, then the cards are suggesting that it won’t be long before fate will come into play and your luck will start to change.

Conversely, in the situation where the Wheel of Fortune is ahead and things have been going great for you up to now, read it as a warning that something unexpected may throw a spanner in the works and bring a challenging time.

The appearance of this card in answer to a question about what you should do about something or someone, can suggest that, whatever you do, fate will determine the outcome. However, if surrounding cards are negative, it could be a warning that making the wrong choice could backfire on you.

Life has its ups and downs, and understanding and accepting this helps us to hold a more realistic view of life itself. Remember that the wheel turns up, just as surely as it turns down … it’s just the eternal and constant rhythm and cycle of life.



LT is a key member of our fabulous Lotus Tarot Resident Readers. As well as offering incredibly accurate and sensitive private one-to-one readings, LT frequently posts articles on Tarot and other related subjects to her blog.

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Grand Water Trine

2013 - June - Grand Trine in Water - Neptune Pluto Saturn



Welcome to one of the major planetary alignments of the year! Beginning Wednesday July 17th through Friday July 19th, three planets will come together in a lucky golden triangle known as a Grand Water Trine. Jupiter, Neptune and Saturn are currently in the water signs of Cancer, Pisces and Scorpio respectively.

During this period, these planets will be 120 degrees apart, forming a trine. This is a harmonious aspect that will be favorable for all signs. So jump on in—the water is fine!

The Specifics

Trines are fairly common, but this one is special and rare. These are slow moving outer planets and for them to come together in this formation is unique. When you consider that it takes Jupiter 12 years to journey around the Sun, along with 29 years for Saturn and 168 years for Neptune, the fact that these three are meeting up is amazing! It is truly beyond a once is a lifetime event!

Trines are fairly common, but this one is special and rare. These are slow moving outer planets and for them to come together in this formation is unique.

If you’re interested in even more specifics, here’s how the planets are lining up: Jupiter trines Saturn at 1:31 pm Eastern Time on July 17th, Jupiter trines Neptune at 8:14 pm Eastern Time also on July 17th, and Saturn trines Neptune at 9:20 am on July 19th. Each of these trines has a water sign associated with it, thus making a Grand Water Trine. This creates powerful water energy that will continue to be felt throughout the remainder of July.

To take things even a step further, Mars will enter the picture later on July 20th to trine Neptune and Saturn, thus giving an even bigger boost to this water power. Action is sure to follow!

Water, Water Everywhere!

Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces—oh my! The water signs are everywhere. Whether you are a water sign or not, you will definitely feel the influence of water and water sign themes during this alignment. To get an idea of what you might experience, think about the properties of water for just a moment. Water can be cleansing and healing. Just think about how refreshed you feel after a bath or dip in the pool. And what about the feeling you get after spending time at the river, lake or ocean? Water can be comforting, deep and magical.

During this trine we will experience an abundance of nurturing thanks to Jupiter in Cancer. Meanwhile, Saturn in Scorpio can help us dive deep to explore the depths of our souls. And last but not least, Neptune in Pisces reminds us to keep dreaming. This trifecta truly provides us with the best of all water worlds!

Sea of Emotions and River of Dreams

During this lovely planetary phase you will experience a sea of emotions and travel along the river of dreams. A trine is a lucky aspect, since you don’t have to work too hard to enjoy its gifts. All you really have to do is just “be.”

Look forward to some heartfelt emotions. From compassionate giving to romance and affection, we could be in store for a “Summer of Love.” You will explore the depths of your emotions and even get to the bottom of issues that have troubled you for some time. It’s a wonderful opportunity to heal old wounds and forgive once and for all.

Intuition and creativity will also be supercharged at this time. If you ever wanted to get in touch with your inner artist or psychic, now is the perfect time!

Finally, this period is well suited for dreams and dreaming. Whether it’s incubating a lucid dream while you sleep, or dreaming of goals to achieve in reality, this trine will bring them to you. Dreams and inspiration will flow like a river. And once Mars joins the party on July 20th, you’ll have the drive to make those dreams come true!

Take advantage of this rare alignment and enjoy the gifts it brings!

Laura Hamilton

Sweet Empress



Our divine feminine, the goddess within … we all have the ability to know her, whether you’re male or female, this ‘intuition’ or ‘psychic awareness’ within is omnipresent, a ‘universal knowing’ if you like.

When was the last time you went against your intuition or gut feelings just to hear yourself say ‘I knew I shouldn’t have done that, I somehow knew it wouldn’t work out’?

This gut instinct, intuition or 6th sense, whatever you want to call it, is our spirit, our subconscious or what I like to call our ‘authentic’ self speaking to us.

The High Priestess card represents this very intuitive guide we all have within ourselves, and we can always call upon her provided we have the courage to listen to her.

So often we take what appears to be the easy option, or we remain in our comfort zone, only to later realize the illusion. For example, have you ever stayed in an abusive or unfulfilling relationship, despite your ‘intuition’ telling you that you are unhappy and should leave, just to avoid being on your own?

Have you remained in a dead end job that brings no satisfaction and a poor income, despite your ‘intuition’ telling you that you could do so much better for yourself if you could find the courage to leave?

Fear of the unknown, fear of rejection and fear of loneliness are, for me, the three greatest reasons why we choose to be deaf or ignorant to our intuitive guide, and wind up staying in relationships, jobs and situations that we are far from happy with.

When this magical and enigmatic card appears in your reading, ask yourself ‘what is the secret to finding the happiness I seek?’ For The High Priestess is the keeper of secrets, your secrets, and the greatest irony is that you are the only one who can know the secrets she has to share with you.

You must develop the ability to silence the noise of your conscious fears, and allow your mind to be still and silent enough for your intuitive guide or High Priestess to communicate with you. Thus she will reveal the secret to your own happiness.

The more you learn to trust your intuitive guide, the more aligned you will become with your ‘true’ desires and your ‘true’ self. For example, if the quiet voice in your head is telling you that starting an affair with your boss is not a good idea, it may be wise to listen to it!

If that voice grows ever louder and more persistent about something you are doing or considering, see it as your own High Priestess imploring you to listen … you need to pay attention!

So, when The High Priestess appears in your readings, it’s time to ask yourself how you really feel and think about the issue or situation? Your conscious self must learn to trust your intuitive self.


LT is a key member of our fabulous Lotus Tarot Resident Readers. As well as offering incredibly accurate and sensitive private one-to-one readings, LT frequently posts articles on Tarot and other related subjects to her blog.

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