Grand Water Trine

2013 - June - Grand Trine in Water - Neptune Pluto Saturn



Welcome to one of the major planetary alignments of the year! Beginning Wednesday July 17th through Friday July 19th, three planets will come together in a lucky golden triangle known as a Grand Water Trine. Jupiter, Neptune and Saturn are currently in the water signs of Cancer, Pisces and Scorpio respectively.

During this period, these planets will be 120 degrees apart, forming a trine. This is a harmonious aspect that will be favorable for all signs. So jump on in—the water is fine!

The Specifics

Trines are fairly common, but this one is special and rare. These are slow moving outer planets and for them to come together in this formation is unique. When you consider that it takes Jupiter 12 years to journey around the Sun, along with 29 years for Saturn and 168 years for Neptune, the fact that these three are meeting up is amazing! It is truly beyond a once is a lifetime event!

Trines are fairly common, but this one is special and rare. These are slow moving outer planets and for them to come together in this formation is unique.

If you’re interested in even more specifics, here’s how the planets are lining up: Jupiter trines Saturn at 1:31 pm Eastern Time on July 17th, Jupiter trines Neptune at 8:14 pm Eastern Time also on July 17th, and Saturn trines Neptune at 9:20 am on July 19th. Each of these trines has a water sign associated with it, thus making a Grand Water Trine. This creates powerful water energy that will continue to be felt throughout the remainder of July.

To take things even a step further, Mars will enter the picture later on July 20th to trine Neptune and Saturn, thus giving an even bigger boost to this water power. Action is sure to follow!

Water, Water Everywhere!

Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces—oh my! The water signs are everywhere. Whether you are a water sign or not, you will definitely feel the influence of water and water sign themes during this alignment. To get an idea of what you might experience, think about the properties of water for just a moment. Water can be cleansing and healing. Just think about how refreshed you feel after a bath or dip in the pool. And what about the feeling you get after spending time at the river, lake or ocean? Water can be comforting, deep and magical.

During this trine we will experience an abundance of nurturing thanks to Jupiter in Cancer. Meanwhile, Saturn in Scorpio can help us dive deep to explore the depths of our souls. And last but not least, Neptune in Pisces reminds us to keep dreaming. This trifecta truly provides us with the best of all water worlds!

Sea of Emotions and River of Dreams

During this lovely planetary phase you will experience a sea of emotions and travel along the river of dreams. A trine is a lucky aspect, since you don’t have to work too hard to enjoy its gifts. All you really have to do is just “be.”

Look forward to some heartfelt emotions. From compassionate giving to romance and affection, we could be in store for a “Summer of Love.” You will explore the depths of your emotions and even get to the bottom of issues that have troubled you for some time. It’s a wonderful opportunity to heal old wounds and forgive once and for all.

Intuition and creativity will also be supercharged at this time. If you ever wanted to get in touch with your inner artist or psychic, now is the perfect time!

Finally, this period is well suited for dreams and dreaming. Whether it’s incubating a lucid dream while you sleep, or dreaming of goals to achieve in reality, this trine will bring them to you. Dreams and inspiration will flow like a river. And once Mars joins the party on July 20th, you’ll have the drive to make those dreams come true!

Take advantage of this rare alignment and enjoy the gifts it brings!

Laura Hamilton

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