Spooky Challenge Update

Writers show your stuff. Artist and photographers too!

Writing Works in Progress


Hey you spooky writers~ I didn’t mention a deadline date but it is going to be October 29, 2013. I will be in Los Angeles visiting my friends and I will announce the winner on my birthday October 30th. Two great entries so far. I obviously am not a participant but will definitely write something to share.

Be inspired visit a graveyard at night in the mist. Watch American Horror Story, Coven, Damn that is dark and graphic. lol

Please also artist link your art or photography as a second category. I will award a winner there too. This spooky angel I found on Pinterest,  but prints are for sale at Etsy here. I always find angel statues a bit spooky especially after Don’t Blink on Dr. Who. lol


Here is something else fun. This was created at  The Goth-O-Matic  Poetry Generator

Phantom Kiss

Around, all around, the…

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All Hallow’s Eve Writing Challenge

Please join my Halloween Writing Challenge, short stories and poems.

Writing Works in Progress


In the vain of all the great stories and poems inspired by this season…witches, ghost, vampires and monsters, all things that go bump in the night.  Please join me in writing a short story or poem, with a spooky or macabre flavor in honor of All Hallow’s Eve, and my birthday, which is All Hallow’s Eve, eve. lol

Link your entry to this post and please edit to add the entries of the other participants. The winner will receive kudos, and if you want an Angel Tarot Card reading from me. I think it will be fun and I hope you all participate.

 Participate or I will put a spell on you!



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I Vant To Flick Your Switch!!! ~ Gratuitous Gif of The Month

My brilliant friend Lily!

Lily Wight

     Who needs a dose of cute and fluffy when there are gifs this good which also explain why current reports of vampire attacks have dwindled to… well, nothing.

     According to ancient folklore counting seeds or grains of rice was sure to keep vampires busy until morning however, since we installed domestic electricity, they are obsessed with light switches instead.  So next time you wake up in the middle of the night and notice you’ve left a light on somewhere just remember… it might not have been you.


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Next Post 22/10/13 (18.00 BST) ~ Brand new vampire art for the Gallery.

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Moon Madness

The Moon The Love Tarot



Intuition, psychic matters and dreams, possible deceit and misunderstandings, maybe a need to clarify matters, especially in communication.

It can also be a card of self-delusion, unrealistic expectations and a tendency to see things through rose-tinted spectacles.

It may be that you have lost your way and are wandering rather aimlessly. The Moon also brings the promise of the unknown and this can be a frightening thought.

The night-time is a time of darkness and a time when our fears and anxieties come out to haunt us. It can also be a time to see things in a totally different light, as things look very different by night than they do by day.

This card may also be to do with imagination and creativity. It can also be inspiring and enchanting and hold the promise that everything your heart desires can be yours.


Leni Riefenstahl – Germany’s convient Shadow

Fascinating article about a controversial but super talented woman. Leni Riefenstahl although a Nazi sympathizer was an innovator in film history.


Whatever you can say about Leni Riefenstahl (1902-2003) and plenty of people have said (and written) a lot about her, she led a fascinating life.

  • She was beautiful and talented.
  • She was a woman in a man’s field.
  • She made her career during Hitler’s Third Reich.

Three strikes and you’re out.

Despite (I am almost convinced because of) her demonstrated talent she could not escape historical contamination attached to her during the last 5o years of her life. Leni Riefenstahl, dancer, mountaineer, actress, a trail blazing film director and cinematographer, an accomplished still photographer finally became a writer. This list makes almost speechless. By all accounts, she was not a particularly pleasant person, who manifested an extreme degree of ego, certainly grabbing and creating opportunities. Leni Riefenstahl solicited Hitler’s attention and had very sharp elbows in her professional life.

I want to approach her life from four directions:

  • Leni Riefenstahl…

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woohoo my advert for my latest book a town called Malice

Just in time for our spooky month of October, to be realeased on October 28th just in time for my birthday on October 30th and on the Eve of All Hallows Eve…in time for Day of the Dead, “A Town Called Malice” by Kizzy Lee


took me a couple of hours but here you go my advert for my latest book a thriller – A town called Malice hard work but i am very happy with the result ^_^ hope you all enjoy
love to all

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