My short story for my Annual Spooky Writing Challenge



The grass and earth is cool beneath her, a shadow passed over her closed eyelids. This mound in the meadow was a favorite spring spot for Lucy to lay and escape the boredom of her small town existence. In the grass she explored the ruins of the Scottish moors, or pondered the life of a Roman soldier in Britain. Mr. Mink her high school history teacher filled her mind with ancient curiosities. The clear sky had developed some puffy clouds and their passing had caused Lucy to open her eyes. Just at this very moment a monarch of the most vivid orange alights on the tip of her nose. She dare not blink, staring cross eyed at the creature who seemed to be staring at her. The butterfly just flapped its wings but did not move even when she finally had to blink. From her peripheral vision Lucy sees two…

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Hey Spooks & Spookettes, that old guy met his end, and so will the annual Spooky Writing Challenge. Got a poem or short story, could be of magic, metaphysics, alchemy, paranormal….doesn’t have to be Spooky….That is just the name to go with All Hallows Eve when the veils between worlds are thin. We got a week. I will be putting mine up on my birthday the 30th. Love to have you contribute. Come now, don’t be shy. We won’t bite….much.

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