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Clair de lune: Claude Debussy gets honoured with Google Doodle

To mark 151st anniversary of French composer’s birth, an animation is set to Clair de lune, one of his best-known pieces

Google is celebrating the 151st anniversary of the birth of French composer Achille-Claude Debussy with an animated doodle set to one of his best-known pieces, Clair de lune (Moonlight).

The doodle features a moonlit riverside scene which progresses to the sound of the piece, the third movement of his most famous piano suites, Suite bergamasque (1890–1905). Lights in the streets and houses flicker on and off in time to the music as the silhouettes of cars, boats and cyclists pass by, smoke rises from chimneys and rain begins to fall.

The animation ends with two people in different boats crossing paths on the river and sharing a red umbrella.

Debussy’s compositions are considered a seminal force in the music of the 20th century. He developed a system of harmony and musical structure that has been compared to the work of Impressionist and Symbolist painters. His style was reflected in his best known quote: “Music is the space between the notes.”

His other major works include Prélude à l’après-midi d’un faune (Prelude to the Afternoon of a Faun, 1894), the opera Pelléas et Mélisande (1902), and La Mer (The Sea, 1905).

Debussy was born in Saint-Germain-en-Laye, France, on 22 August 1862. In 1884, aged just 22, he won the Grand Prix de Rome with his cantata L’Enfant prodigue (The Prodigal Child).

He died of colon cancer at his home in the Bois de Boulogne in Paris on 25 March 1918 when he was only 55.

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Under Or Over

I look up at the television and see Prince in black and white. “What is this?” I ask myself. I grab the remote to check. “Under the Cherry Moon,” I guess I missed this from 1986. lol No loss, I mean I love me some Prince, 1999, Little Red Corvet, Controversy and Purple Rain, but this is …….. laughable.

It looks like a rich film students self indulgent fantasy. Something I might do if I were rich in 1986.

Even Kristen Scott Thomas can’t pull this one off.

Hollywood Forever

Hollywood Forever Cemetery was a nice place to visit though you don’t want to live there. (lol) Bad joke.

I always enjoyed going there, except for my best friends funeral, but it couldn’t have been a nicer or more beautiful and appropriate setting. He loved film, the Business and Hollywood, like me, we shared that. We shared that,  our wacky out there ideas regarding existence, and vampires. Anyway this post isn’t about that relationship, that is for another time. Had I gotten to work here, like I wanted to do, I might still be in Los Angeles but…it was not meant to be.

This is one of the mausoleums. I don’t know why but I think they are beautiful. I am a energy sensitive person and I never felt creeped out her but peaceful.

Douglas Fairbanks Memorial

The Johnny Ramone Memorial Statue

Hollywood Forever has lots of fun and interesting events. In the summer they show films. In the movie Valentines Day they  Shirley MacLain and Hector Elizondo attended a screening.

They have a celebration on the Latino holiday Día de los Muertos, Day of the Dead.

 Photo by Christopher Victorio

If you live in the Greater Los Angeles Area you most likely know about it. If you are visiting go.

Here are some links:

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 Cary Grant and Constance Bennett – 1937

This is another of my favorite classic films. Like everything else…yes, it has been blogged before.

Roland Young as Cosmo Topper. I love that name. His wife in the movie, Billie Burke, aka Glenda the Good Witch. is not so sweet as Clara Topper, all she does is nag Cosmo the inflexible, conservative banker, that is until he buys the car that George and Marion Kerby crashed and died in. If you haven’t seen it, do. Carey Grant and Constance Bennett at their comic best.

The fashion is off the hook.

This is the pivotal scene.

Party Crasher

So, ok….I have already shared my secret self on my other blog, so I will tell you one of my favorite stories.

It must have been seventeen years ago on the Fourth of July, I was with my friend…hmm… Carrie, we’ll call her, her boyfriend…..hmm…we’ll call him Larry and five of his friends. We all went to eat at a seafood restaurant in Malibu. Two of Larry’s friends were twin actors…hmm..let’s call them Bob and Rob, said they knew a couple of parties we could check out.

Once we were finished eating we got in our cars, we were in two separate cars, headed to a party in Santa Monica, or south on Pacific Coast Highway. Larry was driving with Carrie and myself, as we got a couple miles down the road, his friends called and said they had a better idea, let’s go to Danny Devito’s Annual Fourth of July Party. Well that sounded fantastic. The twins said he had a big fireworks display on a barge out in the water and food and booze. So I asked Larry, “Are we invited?”  Larry was a professional procurer of the best tickets for all events intown, so he knew a thing or two about getting in places. He said “No, but we’ll figure it out.” Bob or Rob, I really could tell them apart told Larry, still on the phone that their was a list and the shuttle pick up was at the Albertsons parking lot and that we had to think who might be on the list.

The movie poster is a big clue. The writer smiles. I said, “Well Danny DeVito just produced Pulp Fiction, so lets say we are guest of Quentin Tarantino.” I was very apprehensive of this party crashing notion, I mean how the hell were we going to pull this off. How embarrassing if we were discovered. We get to the parking lot where we saw the shuttles and people with head sets and clip boards. I am like “Oh shit, oh my god!”

Larry used to the crashing activity approached a girl with a clipboard and said ” Quentin said we would be on the guest list.” She looks on the list for a couple of minutes and says “Yes it says Quentin plus eight.” The girl looks up and ask “He is not with you,” and Larry says ” No, he said he would just meet us there” or something like that, it was seventeen years ago. She says “OK let me check with them, it will be just a minute.” This total thing was a crazy crap shoot and now she is having the other end of the head set checking the party, looking for Tarantino. (lol)

They can’t find him at the party and the girl doesn’t know what to do us. We held our ground. About this time a limo pulls up and I hear the girl say to someone, “Al’s here.” Well (big chuckle) Al Pacino had just pulled up and all the little wannabe important head set people, were thrown in a tail spin. Ms. Head Set, we’ll call her says to the other end, “Al is here and I am just going to put Quentin’s guest on the shuttle.” we all loaded in the van and headed to the party. DeVito lived on the beach just down the road. We agreed that when the van pulled up we would scatter in pairs, which is what we did. So the Head Setter’s never got to check us.

It was a great party on the beach, he had two houses side by side and there were hundreds of people there. There were families, show biz folk and celebrities. They had hot dog carts, ice cream carts and keg beer. The thing is I was so paranoid that I was afraid to talk to anybody for fear of them asking me who I knew there. (lol) So I just hung out with …hmm..Carrie and celebrity spotted.

The fireworks out on the ocean were awesome and beautiful. So if (and I doubt it) Danny DeVito ever reads this…I had fun at your party, sorry we crashed. But the real funny kicker is Al Pacino saved our butt. Oh and Quentin thanks for having us as your guest.