Hexagram 61

Inner Truth 61

This hexagram signifies a deep bond or feeling of kinship. This is a time when it will be easy to cultivate mutual trust in relationships and partnerships.  Let go of any remnants of prejudice you may carry, and seek the beauty and fullness that can be found in all people and things. Realize all life is interconnected. Everyone is one. This is the inner truth you have been seeking, but have never lost.  Also indicated here are the differences between what is outside and what is inside yourself.  What truly matters to you?

Another reading of this hexagram:

Truth is uncomplicated~


The hexagram means the truth of reality as it is, measured by the directness of one’s experience of the moment.

Close to this truth, one’s experience is simple. It is as uncomplicated and real as it possibly can be.

When one has fewer expectations and preconceptions about reality, there are fewer internal complexities preventing its direct perception and one’s expressions are more sincere.

A less complex external environment also facilitates a direct engagement with reality because it is easier to comprehend and imposes fewer demands on one’s behavior.

By taking life as it comes and not subjecting one’s experience to comparison, one can be more accepting of reality as it is and more comfortable with one’s place in it. Simplicity leads to peace of mind.

Simplicity can also be seen in the uncomplicated straightforwardness of domestic life. The hexagram means feeling at home.


Picasso So Sexy


I just adore him. He was such a sexy ass. A Scorpio like me, I am October 30, he was October 25.

Look at the intensity in his eyes.

I would have…….

………posed for him. lol

The women he painted in cubism are my favorites.

Hmm just So sexy.

Although I do also love van Gogh, he wasn’t sexy.

Thank You


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Peace & Peanut Butter!