Bernie’s Revolution is Bigger than the Democratic party

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Armory of the Revolution


Why Bernie Sanders’ movement is much larger than this election

Tony Karon

A political revolution can’t be built in a single election cycle. What matters is that the movement continues after the election – whether or not he wins

The US media and political establishment insist on reading Bernie Sanders’ presidential run as a Don Quixote story – an underdog’s doomed, if poetically heroic, challenge to an immutable status quo that offers little hope to the poor.

But Sanders’ performance and prospects can’t be assessed by the metrics of traditional electoral politics, because he has always set the goals of his campaign on terms that defy the yardsticks of campaigning as we know it.

Despite the “Bernie” thing, Sanders presents his persona as no more than the sum of the ideas and principles he puts before the electorate in pursuit of a “political revolution” against a political system in thrall…

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Hexagram 53


iFate iChing Readings

Hexagram 53, is called Love, and Gradual Progress depending where you read.

“Gradual Progress”


Like a young sapling slowly reaching toward the sky, this hexagram portends an incremental process toward new achievements. This is a time to put all your energy and attention directly on the step you are currently on. Too frequently we focus on the final destination without focusing on all the fascinating destinations along the way. Let each step be its own adventure and it’s own goal. Now is the time to focus on today. Tomorrow will still come.


Writing Works in Progress

cheshire-pumpkins-x2neptune-x2Jackolantern Spectacular

All these images are from the Jack-O-Lantern Spectacular, in Louisville, Kentucky. Looks fun, and magical.

Kicking off the Spooky Writing Challenge is Sammi Cox, The Necromancers. Story in 25 Words.

Coming up in the next post. Please submit your story, poem, or art, make Sindy happy, and she will give you candy. (Or just a participation badge.) I had some serious issues with the participation badge but it is in the tool bar.

Happy Fall, Halloween Week, and my birthday on October 30th, where hopefully I have a story to submit. lol


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