I’ve Got Blue Blog

I am feeling blog inadequate and some blog envy. I started because I like to be creative and I love the internet, and basically to learn about the technical side of web site building. Then I was having so much fun, I started this blog. I am a sad clown. My blog crush never stops by. He never likes my post.  I am considering blogicide.

: www.etsy.com/people/illumiquest

No, no……Don’t try consoling me. I am having a pity party.

No really, no need to leave me a comforting message, compliment or accolades.

I will be fine. Really, I will.

I will just stop all the foolish fussy blogging and join the circus.

…and all I need is this chair and this ashtray….and that’s all I need.

Pierre Rossion

Who needs the love and admiration of my blog crush anyway?