HOT Peanut Butter Baby



4. Peanut Butter and Sriracha
Oh, don’t act so surprised. If you’ve ever had takeout noodles with peanut sauce and a little bit of chile heat, you’re going to like this combination. We, in fact, like it so much we created a recipe for peanut butter and Sriracha toast. Pro tip: Top the toast with the PB while the bread is still warm for that melty-glossy-greasy thing that happens with peanut butter when it heats up.


I Want Candy

Well since I have to study History this summer that is what I am inspired to write about. The Louis the XIV post was not vastly popular….but so the *^%$# what! LOL Yesterday I had a quiz and put the reading off all day, I just did not want to read it prior to taking the quiz.

It was mostly about France, the French Revolution and Napoleon. A lot of battles with strategies (BORING) but I did like the part about Louis XVIII and Marie. Apparently the first couple of years they didn’t consummate the marriage because he had some skin on his uncircumcised penis that hurt if he had an erection. But Marie’s  brother called a doctor in from Austria, who snip snip and fixed the issue. A child was born a year later.

Anyway I knew a lot of this already from the historically accurate movie, Marie Antoinette. (JOKING) However Sophia Coppola (I am seriously jealous of!) made a very entertaining film, which has a fun soundtrack.

Let them eat cake, I think not, but I want candy!

Poor girl, she was just shy and misunderstood. Those “Mean Girls” just bullied her.

Too School for Cool

I am taking a History class online this summer, which I was considering dropping as this isn’t my favorite part of history. I thought I was taking the class I dropped last semester which is from known history through the Bronze Age, Sumeria, Ancient Greece and so on, because I already had the text book. LOL  However I did not pay attention when registering and low and behold this class is the second half of the text book. So I have decided to take this one until it gets close to the Drop date, and I will see how I am doing. So far, so good as I recently took an exam, after only reading the lecture notes and scored 92 out of a possible 100.

So good old King Louis XIV was in one of these chapters and it reminded me of a great movie I saw not to long ago Vatel. Oh the opulence and decadence of this monarch.

The Sun King

King Louis XIV

Everyone always goes on about The Palace Versailles and how it is so beautiful. Umgh to me, it is garish and gaudy! Much to frufru.

It is like Donald Trump’s Manhattan apartment.

So the Trumps must certainly be the reincarnation of the family of the Sun King. LOL

So anyway….if you like Period movies, see Vatel. I really enjoyed it.

Peace and Peanut Butter!