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   Hexagram 53

The waterwheel makes sure that the field will not dry out. The slow and constant supply of water makes the plants grow harmoniously, without stagnations, abundant.

The wild goose can only reach its far-away destination, and come back every year, by beating its wings second after second, never losing its strength or direction.

Every relation needs a constant supply of water, of feelings, regular love, day after day.

Starting something is usually not the most difficult part; it is harder to keep it going. Every day caring for it, feeding, repairing: every creation has to be kept alive day after day, year after year.



Judgment: Ascend in accordance with the will of the Self. Turn toward clarity.

The Superior Man grows a little every day.

The image of the 46th hexagram is of a plant growing in the earth, gradually pushing upward toward the sun. That “an advance to the south is fortunate” means that as all plants turn southward toward the sun, their source of nourishment, so should we turn toward the light and clarity of the“great man” or Self within us.

The upward advancement of the Work is an organic process. There is no such thing as “instant enlightenment.” The many stories and parables of instant Satori which are common in the Zen Buddhist tradition are actually just dramatic accounts of the final few moments’ resolution that come after a lifetime of slow and patient devotion. The Work progresses at the pace of a tree — what started out as an acorn eventually becomes a forest giant, but it doesn’t happen overnight.

Remember ever that Mind in its entirety is ever the Builder. For it is step by step, line upon line, precept upon precept, here a little, there a little, that the attaining is accomplished in the mental, the spiritual, the material applications of an entity in this material world.
Edgar Cayce – Book of Changes

This slow growth is an accumulation of countless “gathering togethers” as depicted in the preceding hexagram, of whichPushing Upward is the upside-down image. It is estimated that an adult human being grows from a single cell to about one-hundred billion cells through a process of fifty-billion mitotic divisions. It is interesting to observe that “one-hundred-billion” is the scientific estimate of the number of stars in any given galaxy. If we apply the Hermetic Axiom: “As above, so below” to this relationship of macrocosm to microcosm we get the image of our solar system as a single atom in the “body” of a galactic entity.

That should put the Work into perspective!

Understand that thou art a second little world and that the sun and the moon are within thee, and also the stars.
Origen —Homiliae in Leviticum



Hexagram #30 (Also my day of birth)

This hexagram is a sign of good things.  The path is clear and success is yours.  A sense of inner radiance is the source of this good news. From a  bright inner nature stem wondrous outer circumstances in your life. The brightness lights up the night sky like a sacred flame. Stay aware of your purpose. You will make great strides toward your goals. Take new actions. Health and prosperity are indicated here.

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I am so very blessed. I have great family & friends. Much gratitude to all teachers, masters & divine beings that have supported, aided and guided me. Huge thanks to The Hay House World Summit, for gifting us with the collective wisdom and knowledge of all the great speakers.