Cleaning Sucks Butt

Yeah! So what it has been blogged before. But I really [Expletive that starts with F and ends with ing] hate cleaning! CLEANING SUCKS BUTT! SUCKS! SUCKS! LOL

So I put my iPod on Shuffle and that is just odd. Here are some of the songs in random.

(((Michael))) Miss him.

Did I mention how much I really hate cleaning?

Where are those “Bewitched” powers when you need them?

I got your [Expletive that starts with F and ends with ing] Sexy Back! Right Here! LOL

The Randomness of the iTunes was hysterical. I can’t really recall the random order and there was many more. Just an amusing sampling.

Just a girl being bad.

Here is some other bloggers cleaning tracks.

I need a [Expletive…same one] Jinni.